The Challenge

Andrew and Paul will run in excess of a marathon for seven days, while taking on various golfing challenges each day in their rest breaks, including the British Speedgolf Open, and a GolfSixes event, culminating in a final round of 18 holes at Le Golf National’s famous course upon reaching their final destination.

The run coincides with the Year to Go celebrations as Europe and USA prepare to lock horns in the 42nd Ryder Cup, one of the world’s greatest sporting contests, and will raise money for “Golf In Society”, enabling people with dementia to continue to play the game.


Golf In Society are working with Golf and Health, leading Universities and golf clubs along with fantastic volunteers to help those with mental ill-health, for example dementia and Parkinson’s disease to play golf and to research it’s benefits, as well as looking at ways to develop the program further.

All money raised will go directly to support Golf In Society with their golf and dementia/mental ill-health projects, and all those donating will be contributing to these fantastic projects as well as having the chance to win some money can’t buy prizes.

The pair hope to raise £5,000 for Golf In Society, improving the lives of persons with Dementia and Parkinson’s disease by supporting them to continue playing golf, offering additional benefits to their carers.

Helps us support this good cause.


the runners

Paul Dunstan
Ryder Cup Operations Director

Paul is a golfer turned ultra runner who loves challenges. Back in 2016 he teamed up with Andrew in Mongolia where they ran on a frozen river in -40C and played golf, of course! Paul has been with European Tour for 11 years working on a number of key events including the BMW PGA

“I’m not entirely sure what I’ve let myself in for, I enjoy running as well as golf but ask me at the end of the seven days how I feel about them!

“However, the main aim of the challenge is to promote the many benefits of not just golf and running, but exercise in general and having an active lifestyle, as well as funding for Golf In Society, if we can achieve these two objectives the sore legs we’ll have at the end will be worth it.“

 “We will be racking up about 50,000 to 60,000 steps per day, eating about 5000 calories and will be on the move golfing and running most of each day. We want to highlight that exercise in the great outdoors is the best thing you can do for your health.

Going from being a couch potato to walking, running, or playing golf regularly can add seven years to life, it can improve health and on average make you happier. We’re urging everyone to get outside and get walking, running, golfing, or any other activity you enjoy.”

Andrew Murray
Sports and Exercise Medicine doctor

Dr Murray is no stranger to long distance challenges having famously once ran 4300km from far north Scotland to the Sahara desert. The 36 year old works as a Sports and Exercise Medicine consultant with the University of Edinburgh, Merrell UK, and the European Tour Deputy Medical Officer.

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